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Treatment performed with the aim to prevent the possibility of emergence of disturbance / damage to the achine.

Preventive maintenance is done without having to wait for the signs
of damage or damaged. For such maintenance is divided trichotomy:
1. Periodic Maintenance
2. Schedule Overhaul
3. Condition Base Maintenance

1. Periodic Maintenance of the service is to be in equipment to do after work for a certain number of operations.
Number of working hours, this is in accordance with the amount
indicated by registrar operating hours (service meter) that exists
on the device.
To carry out periodic maintenance include:

- Periodic inspection
- Periodic Service

Periodic Inspection
Is a periodic review or inspection is
inspection before the unit is Operated daily and weekly checks.
This is to know whether the machine is safe to operate.
In Conducting periodic inspection, especially in the implementation
of the daily care (daily maintenance) can use some tools aids are:
- Check Sheet: A form (the list) that is used to record
operation of every machine in a one day operation.

- Daily check: A form (the list) as well as check sheets,
differences only on the size, that is pocket size so that
operator or service man will be able to easily record.

Machine that regular treatment is essential to Ensure
operation that is free from damage and extend the age of the unit.
All figures indicate the number of working hours on that pitch
chop on the check sheet is based on the numbers of views
on the service meter. But in practice is recommended for
set back all based on the calculation of days, weeks and months to
ease of maintenance.
So service is a periodic effort to prevent the occurrence of
damage that is done continuously with the interval behavior
which have been determined based on the hour meter (HM).

Periodic Service HM is done based on:
PS 200 to 200 HM
PS 600 to 600 HM
PS for 1200 HM 1200
PS for 2400 HM 2400

PS 200 for the first when the machine is still new, they need to be
treated specifically. In this case there are some items that need to
be replaced although the age of life is not complete. By doing things
this means costs incurred is greater ownership of the tool beginning.

After the machine has been set distel carefully and shipped once
However, even though such a machine requires a new
operation of the CAUTION on the first 100 hours, this is for the seat
the move from the machine.
The new machine must be operated with CAUTION, especially on the following:

- After the start, idling engine approximately 5 minutes on low to lap
heat it before actually operate.
- Avoid the engine on lap play high (high idle).
- Avoid running or increase the speed of the machine
suddenly, brake suddenly and with a sharp turn if not required.
- Operation In the first 200 hours of work, oil and filter elements
must be replaced entirely with oil and a new element and the original.
- Remember to always do the maintenance and periodic inspections
as shown in the manual (OMM)
- Remember always to take the fuel and lubricant
recommended by the manufacturer.

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